New metalworking products

Metalworking fluids are used to cut and form and are commonly used for processing metals for machine tools. To meet the requirements of our customers, Mabanol is expanding the portfolio of metalworking fluids. With innovation and optimal productivity in mind, the lubricants below have been developed to offer technologically advanced products at the highest technical level.

Cutting Oils

Mabanol Cut Lub 14 G HP s a chlorine-free, GTL-based (gas-to-liquid), non-water-miscible high-performance cooling lubricant that can be used undiluted for deep hole drilling, broaching, hobbing and shaping as well as for general to heavy-duty machining. Mabanol Cut Lub 14 G HP is recommended for processing unalloyed to high-alloy steels, cast iron and aluminum.

Corrosion Preventives

Mabanol Protect 9 DW is a barium-free anticorrosion agent that is used to treat bare and chemically or galvanically treated iron surfaces. The product consists of low-aromatic, lowviscosity hydrocarbons, corrosion inhibitors based on oxidized paraffins and surfaceactive agents. Suitable for: Steel (alloyed and unalloyed), non-ferrous metal, cast iron, aluminum. Mabanol Protect 9 DW is applied undiluted by dipping, flooding or spraying the work-pieces.

Forming Oils

Mabanol Stamp 6 F is a chlorine-free, mineral oil-based cooling lubricant with EP active ingredients and lubricating components, which ensures excellent surface properties and low tool wear. Mabanol Stamp 6 F is used undiluted for general forming and stamping of alloyed and unalloyed steels as well as aluminum and non-ferrous metals.


Mabanol Additive SCP is an EP additive package for the formulation of non-water-miscible cooling lubricants that can be used universally for light to heavy-duty machining. The product is compatible with a large number of Mabanol Cut cutting oils and offers easy handling at ambient temperatures of 20°C to 30°C.

If you have any questions regarding the product or its use, please see the respective product data sheet or contact our team of experts.