Mabanol's global distribution network

Modern lubricants - solid growth

To achieve solid growth we need to ensure that the right distribution channels for setting up a sustainable and professional sales network are in place. Mabanol Lubricants are directly marketed in Germany and Austria by sister companies from the Petronord Group.

Mabanol Schmierstoffe GmbH & Co. KG is based in Hamburg and deals centrally with all wholesale activities in Germany. The distribution network is composed of sister companies and independent resellers.

The Austrian lube business as well as administration and logistics for the international sales activities are managed by our sister company Austrolub GmbH & Co. KG.

Independent importers and resellers are tasked with handling international sales of Mabanol Lubricants which are now available in around 40 countries around the globe. As a vibrant and dynamic brand we continually look to expanding and strengthening our German and international distribution channels.

Good reasons to become a distributor

Key parameters for choosing the most suitable distributors are not only reliability and commitment to the brand but also profound lubricant market knowledge, experience and a customer-oriented sales approach. The prerequisite for entering into a distribution agreement with a reseller is the intent to work together on a long-term basis and to share the same vision on how to position Mabanol in the market. The motivation to introduce a young, modern brand and to find the right means to help the Mabanol brand develop into a household name that stands for high quality standards is another decisive factor for picking a distributor.
Reasons why to work with Mabanol

  • Vast and diverse product range
  • Pragmatic pricing that allows the distributor to have sustainable, profitable sales
  • Clearly defined sales region
  • Fast and reliable processing of deliveries
  • Technical support
  • Technical training
  • Sales and marketing support

A powerful company group with a vast and proven track record in the oil sector

Petronord’s focus goes beyond lubricants distribution as its activities cover a broader range of services in the oil and energy sector. More than thirty subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and Sweden supply private and commercial end-users with diesel and petrol fuel, heating oil, natural gas and electricity. Further to that around 240 unmanned petrol stations that cater for the requirements of commercial fleet operators are also part of the Petronord Group.

NordBit, another sister company of Mabanol, markets bitumen and bitumen components. As a specialist in this field they offer tailor-made bitumen products designed for use in the field of road and roofing sheet construction as well as the industry sector.