Mabanol Argon Truck Blue Top 5W-30

20 Liter Kanister Mabanol Argon

The new 5W-30 truck oil meets the highest emission standards for diesel engines based on Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI requirements. The extensive list of recommendations covers the requirements of many well-known manufacturers. Argon Truck Blue Top 5W-30 completes our range of heavy-duty SAE 5W-30 lubes alongside Argon Truck Blue Plus 5W-30, which features the OEM approvals of Volvo VDS-4 & MAN M3677 / M3477.

Mabanol Argon Truck Blue Top 5W-30 is available in 20 litre, 60 litre, 208 litre and 1000 litre containers.

For further questions about the product, our truck engine oil range or the entire Mabanol portfolio, the Mabanol team will be happy to assist you.