Winterise your car now – the next cold weather period is coming for sure

Jetzt den Wagen winterfest machen mit Mabanol Screen Clean Winter Concentrate

It's getting colder again at night and the temperatures remain low during the day as well. Not only the cold and frost, but also road dirt, such as road salt, can take their toll on windscreens and the engine during the cold months.

The windscreen cleaner concentrate from Mabanol supports your car during the frosty period. With the right mixture of concentrate and water, freezing in the entire windscreen washer system is prevented – even at temperatures as low as -30 degrees. In addition to frost protection, Mabanol Screen Clean Winter Concentrate also cleans the windscreen without leaving streaks.

The freezing temperatures also leave their mark on the engine and put additional strain on it Injection System Cleaner (for diesel and petrol engines) dissolves impurities and offers preventive protection as well as reducing smoke emissions especially during full load operations.

Use our Mabanol products to get safely through the cold months.

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