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New engine oil for passenger cars - Mabanol Xenon Ultra FE 0W-20


The Mabanol 0W-20 engine oils range has been beefed up with the addition of yet another low-SAPS engine oil. The new Mabanol Xenon Ultra FE 0W-20 is a high-performance engine oil best suited for use in petrol and diesel engines equipped with the latest exhaust after-treatment devices (DPF and SCR for diesel cars, turbochargers and GPF for petrol-powered cars) as well as in hybrid vehicles, developed according to Euro VI emission standards. The engine oil complies with VW approval VW 508 00 / 509 00 standards (pending the official Volkswagen approval) and is hence highly recommended for the latest Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Porsche makes.

If you have any question regarding our new engine oil, please contact us.