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New cutting oil for deep hole drilling operations - Mabanol Cut Lub 23 CF


Lubricants for metalworking are becoming more and more specific: they must meet the latest REACH requirements and furthermore ensure protection for people, machines and the environment. We take all of this into account when formulating our products, which are continuously being developed with the aim of combining modern production requirements with a simultaneous reduction in wear and maintenance costs.

With our new high-quality cutting oil, safety risks are reduced, resources are protected, and productivity is increased. Mabanol Cut Lub 23 CF is a chlorine-free, mineral oil-based cooling lubricant that is used undiluted. The cutting oil has been specially developed for deep hole drilling operations in alloyed as well as unalloyed steels and it can be used universally for all machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling, thread cutting, broaching and bumping

We recommend using industrial cleaners from our Mabanol Clean range to clean the workpieces from the remaining cutting oil residues.

For questions about the product or our metalworking fluids range, please contact us - our team of experts will help you gladly.