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Industrial oils are extended by synthetic EP gear oils


In addition to the mineral oil-based Mabanol Gear CLP line, synthetic gear oils have been added to the industrial gear oil range. The Mabanol Gear Syn CLP range comprises silicone- and zinc-free synthetic high-performance industrial gear oils covering viscosity grade ISO-VG 68 - 460. The gear oils can be used for the lubrication of modern, highly loaded, closed gear drives, such as spur gears and worm drives. They are most suitable when subjected to heavy shock loads and continuous loads, in systems with very high operating temperatures and where there is an increased risk of corrosion.

A natural high viscosity index and the very low coefficient of friction of the synthetic base oils reduce energy consumption and operating temperatures. Further advantages of the Radon Gear Syn Line are:

  • longer service life than mineral oil-based gear oils
  • enhanced performance showcasing excellent wear and corrosion protection
  • outstanding oil service life
  • excellent oxidation and thermal stability