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Mabanol Hamburg Fotostrecke - Fass an der Elbphilharmonie
Mabanol Premium Motor Oil - Racing with Mühlner
Bitumeneinsatz im Straßenbau
Mabanol Werkstatt - Einfüllszene
Mabanol Porsche - Premium Schmierstoffe für Premium Leistung

Mabanol front cover on Dekra’s Operating Fluids Magazine 2022 issue


Dekra’s Operating Fluid Guidebook, published annually by ETM Verlag, is widely used and popular among members of the automotive industry, helping them making informed decisions for their businesses, most notably in Germany but also abroad. The reference book illustrates all major OEMs and their respective standards with around about 2,500 product entries divided into 20 product segments. It has become invaluable for car repair shops, car dealers and fleet operators when it comes to picking their operating fluids such as motor oils, transmission fluids, greases, antifreeze products, brake fluids, cleansing agents and windshield wiper fluids.

The Operating Fluids Guidebook is published bilingually (German/English) and lists suppliers’ contact details as well as all the latest industry standards as issued by ACEA and API.

It was first published in 1996 and has since become the lubricants industry biggest and most sought-after printed magazine with an annual circulation of around 40,000 copies.

Below you can click on the ETM online shop link and purchase a copy of the Operating Fluids Guidebook 2022 issue