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Lubricant business is family business


Our longtime Mabanol distributor in Lithuania - Autepa UAB - is a family owned company that has been representing Mabanol in the Kaunas region for more than 10 years and supplies its customers with engine oils and other automotive spare parts. Father and daughter work closely together: father Kęstutis delivers the goods to the customers whereas daughter Evelina takes care of the retail shop and wholesale business as well as dealing with all matters regarding logistics and administration.

In July 2019 Autepa supported the racing team of S. Vitkauskas at the "1006 km Race" in Palanga (https://racing.lt/en/racing/1006km). The team with the red BMW 6 completed 238 laps in 7:17:18.537 h/m/s and therefore managed to finish in 5th place in the class TC2.

Good job and keep it up!

Find out more about UAB Autepa by clicking on the link below