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Early end of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship season 2020


The season kicked off with a delay as well as with the absence of spectators and now unfortunately comes to an early end without a final, without a championship classification and therefore without driver and team titles. After two well-organized events in Most and at the Hungaroring, the Racing Commission must surrender to the Corona pandemic.

Even if there are no titles, the Tankpool24-Racing Team with driver Steffen Faas has put in a great performance in Most and at the Hungaroring. With great driving times and points in the FIA ranking as well as in the Goodyear-Cup (formerly FIA Promoter's Cup), it was a successful start.

We give two thumbs up for the commitment of the whole team and we are looking forward to drive into a successful season 2021.

For more information about the Tankppol24-Racing Team see the links below:

Great pictures and videos about the FIA European Truck Racing Championship can be found at https://www.facebook.com/fiaetrc/