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Mabanol Hamburg Fotostrecke - Fass an der Elbphilharmonie
Mabanol Premium Motor Oil - Racing with Mühlner
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Mabanol Porsche - Premium Schmierstoffe für Premium Leistung

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Mabanol product overview and brochures

Mabanol product portfolio

Mabanol offers a broad product portfolio of premium lubricants for automotive and industrial applications. Our current product range can be downloaded here.

Mabanol used as factory fill oil for MTZ Belarus

Mabanol lubricants have been used as factory fill products as an integral part of the manufacturing process for MTZ Belarus since the commissioning of its tractor assembly line in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2011.

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Mabanol advertising marketing

Mabanol Argon - always the right choice for your fleet of vehicles

In the June 2021 issue (No. 6/2021) of the ETN Euro Truck News magazine, an article appeared about Mabanol and our truck engine oil range, highlighting out product Argon Truck Blue Plus 5W-30.

See our advertisement here (only available in German).

Skytanking trusts Mabanol 

The lubricants of Mabanol make an important contribution to the refueling of national and international airlines at airports managed by Skytanking. 

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Accuracy and reliability in a split second

Motorsport demands top performance. Mabanol is the independent and strong partner of small and medium-sized enterprises who offer a wide range of high quality lubricants. Whether for industrial, workshop or automotive applications - Mabanol products deliver top performance tailored to the customer's requirements.

See our appearance in the DEKRA handbook 2018 (only available in German).