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Mabanol Lubricants

Premium Lubricants for Premium Performance

Automotive Lubricants

Mabanol offers a wide range of different automotive lubricants including high quality motor oils for passenger cars and trucks as well as various lubricants designed for use in the fields of agriculture and construction. Our products guarantee reliability and precision on all roads.  

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Industrial Lubricants

Mabanol's industrial lubricants line offers a vast array of high quality products for almost all applications. We offer modern hydraulic oils and greases suitable for use in various applications and devices, at all times ensuring durability of the equipment. 

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Car Care Products

Mabanol has more on offer than just lubricants. Our car care product line is designed for use in passenger cars and industrial applications and comprises high-quality sprays, additives and cleaners. The products are easy to use and do not need special equipment. 

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Mabanol Cut - Metalworking Fluids

Maximum performance and wear protection versus minimal oil mist formation and evaporation - our products meet stringent production requirements while reducing wear and maintenance costs. Even under the most severe machining conditions, Mabanol metalworking fluids ensure maximum surface quality and dimensional accuracy. 

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Oil Finder

What is the right oil for your vehicle? With the help of the "Automotive Oil Finder" you can quickly and easily determine the right lubricant for the respective vehicle. You can either use the manual search or you can get a quick overview of the vehicle selection. 

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Mabanol Product Portfolio - Lubricants 2021

Our product overview is now also available as an interactive catalogue. The product portfolio displays all Mabanol products with specifications, approvals and recommendations.

Our current product portfolio can be downloaded here.