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Premium Lubricants made in Germany

A company with a wealth of experience

  • sales experience at the highest level 
  • the independent brand that stands for entrepreneurship of medium-sized German businesses  
  • domestic and international trading partners 
  • distributors in more than 40 countries 

Premium quality designed for successful business operations

  • specific sales regions for distributors   
  • continuous, market- and technology-oriented product development  
  • competitive pricing that allows our partners to run profitable operations  
  • competent and comprehensive consulting service 
  • fast and highly sophisticated logistics 

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Mabanol Produktfoto 2020

Despite the global financial crisis in 2009, which also caused the lubricants market to collapse, the Mabanol brand was successfully launched in 2010. As part of the company group Marquard &...


Technical information

Mabanol Cut Fass

The Mabanol Cut Grind product line consists of non-water miscible cooling lubricants for finest surface finishes. The products are based on a high-quality and innovative mixture of GTL base oils and...