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Premium Performance made in Germany

A company with a wealth of experience

  • sales experience at the highest level 
  • the independent brand that stands for entrepreneurship of medium-sized German businesses  
  • domestic and international trading partners 
  • distributors in more than 30 countries 

Premium quality designed for successful business operations

  • specific sales regions for distributors   
  • continuous, market- and technology-oriented product development  
  • competitive pricing that allows our partners to run profitable operations  
  • competent and comprehensive consulting service 
  • fast and highly sophisticated logistics 

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Mühlner's Mabanol Porsche GT4 finished second in the latest VLN race. Spectators witnessed a suspenseful race that lasted six hours with extra points awarded for securing the pole position and the...


Technical information

We welcome the new product Pirate Race 10W-30 as a new member in our range of 4-stroke motorcycle oils. With the new viscosity class SAE 10W-30 we expand our product portfolio according to the...