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Premium Performance made in Germany

A company with a wealth of experience

  • Sales experience at the highest level 
  • the independent brand that stands for entrepreneurship of medium-sized German businesses  
  • domestic and international trading partners 
  • distributors in more than 20 countries 

Premium quality designed for successful business operations

  • specific sales regions for distributors   
  • continuous, market- and technology-oriented product development  
  • competitive pricing that allows our partners to run profitable operations  
  • competent and comprehensive consulting service 
  • fast and highly sophisticated logistics 

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In the fourth VLN session of the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing, Mühlner Motorsport team has gained another victory. The perfectly coordinated driver's team proved its qualities again. With a...


Technical information

Product quality is our top priority which is underpinned by OEMs. This has been recognized by Scania and therefore two commercial vehicle engine oils were approved: Mabanol Argon Truck FE Plus...